The Worm Gitter works anywhere the environment is favorable to earthworms.

Hunting for worms with Worm Gitter works best in the mornings and evenings, out of direct sunlight. It’s fun and works naturally!

  • Follow these easy steps:
  • Always keep the resonator pointed down and wear protective clothing in the woods or fields.
  • Walk lightly and quietly so that you do not alert the worms.
  • Push the tip gently into the soil and use the striker to "rub" the resonator firmly for about 30 seconds. If you are in a "bed" the worms will surface immediately. If not successful, walk lightly 10 to 15 feet and try again.
  • Do not become discouraged if you do not find worms right away. Worming is like fishing, you have to go where they are.
  • Children should not use this tool without parental supervision.
This product is not intended to be used for any other purposes.
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Worm Gitter works by driving fresh worms to surface naturally!